ImageThe holidays may be officially over (barring the impending celebration of the new year) but there is no rest for the weary. Especially weary artists and gallery owners. John Farina and Adam Tully of the Maria Neil Art Project are back at it again, with the next exhibition in queue set to open January 3.

Highlighting the stunning works of Collinwood-based photographer Eric Rippert, “Is This It” is the first solo exhibition for the artist in the Northeast Ohio area in more than 10 years.

His photos, created using the historic platinum printing process, are stunning, reminiscent, ethereal, timeless. The photographs echo the method used to create them.

None of the photographs are titled. You, viewing public, are encouraged to connect with the them in a way that is significant (or not) to you. Rippert encourages you: connect, interpret, create your own representation within his art. He created most of the photographs in the exhibit specifically for this show. They are brand new, one-of-a-kind.

ImageIt’s not a bad idea to come more than once, and in different moods. Test your inner critic — see how your analysis changes when you look at a blurry woman watching a forested roadway after your hair-of-the-dog brunch at Beachland Ballroom next door, compared to after an invigorating run through Shaker Lakes on a crisp Ohio January afternoon. Pick your own titles. Then change them.

Opening reception for the exhibit is Friday, Jan. 3 from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. as part of the Waterloo Arts District’s first Friday “Walk All Over Waterloo.”

Other works featured in the exhibit comes from Rippert’s 2011 “Ameriscape” series.

His work can be found in a number of collections including at the Cleveland Museum of Art (@clevelandart), Columbus Museum of Art (@columbusmuseum) and Progressive Art Collection. You may recognize a bit of Rippert’s style from town, as well, since public art organization LAND-studio (@cleveLANDstudio) in conjunction with ODOT chose his along with the work of two others to adorn neighborhood underpasses with digitally captured murals. Rippert’s billboard-scale art is now a permanent fixture of Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood.


Also being received at the January 3 party and exhibited by the Maria Neil Art Project are the impressive photographs of newcomer and first-time exhibitor R Howard. Her exhibit, “Emergence,” features many well-known landmarks in Cleveland through her unique, artistic perspective. In contrast to Rippert’s work, where viewers are encouraged to take their own perspective and apply it to pieces where the meaning is, quite literally, blurred, R Howard photographs everyday landmarks from her specific perspective, and encourages her viewers to join her in it. She gives us the chance to experience something we may see every single day, differently — as may only be possible through the lens of her camera.

The Eric Rippert exhibit will be in the main gallery through Sunday, Feb. 16, and the R Howard exhibit will be in the Native Cleveland Annex through Friday, Jan. 29. The gallery and annex are located at 15813 Waterloo Road, open Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 5:00 p.m., with additional hours available by appointment.

For more information visit www.marianeilartproject.com or check this out for other great Walk All Over Waterloo events.

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