Business proposal

There is nothing to do in Cleveland.

Aside from a few good restaurants on E. 4th (and even Michael Symon is taking a social media hiatus at the moment so I’m not quite sure Lola even exists anymore) and a few rowdy bars on W. 6th, the city is nothing but bums and businessmen. At least, that’s what I thought when I was forcibly remanded to the state of Ohio by my dear, sweet daughter’s father and his crotchety old lawyer who smells like mothballs and contempt.

But all seriousness aside, since being back in Cleveland for a few months  I’ve found that not only are there things to do, there are a lot of things to do. There are things to eat and drink, sure, but there is also a vibrant community of local businesses, artists and neighborhoods that beckon us locals to discover, participate and encourage them.

This is going to be where I share the ways in which I discover the real, local Cleveland. Once the #shopsmall #shoplocal trends of the holiday season are sadly over, here is where you can come to see that the movement never ends.

Support local businesses — shop at neighborhood grocery stores, eat at local restaurants, attend local events. Engage in your city, Cleveland. And read my blog. I’m here to help.

My proposal to you, business owners, artists and activists: Send me your information, your calendars, your sick and struggling initiatives. I’ll come, experience, enjoy and write.

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